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more bizarre weather. >> and more than a week after the election, governor romney speaks out what he thinks made the difference in president obama's re-election victory. like a lot of things, trying to find a better job can be frustrating. so at university of phoenix we're working with a growing list of almost two thousand corporate partners - companies like microsoft, american red cross and adobe - to create options for you. not only that, we're using what we learn from these partners to shape our curriculum. so that when you find the job you want you'll be a perfect fit. let's get to work. >>> a spectacular sight in western japan, check out the tornado spinning over the pacific ocean. no injuries or damage have been reported and it lasted about ten minutes. and it disintegrated before it ever hit land. it is rare to see a tornado in japan and officials do warn that more tornadoes and strong winds and lightning are coming. >>> a little closer to home we're dealing with some cold temperatures out there. the aftermath of sandy? lynette they need the warmth. >> they need the warmth but
on as a democratic leader of the house. she won her 13th term representing san francisco on election day. >>> general david petraeus may resign from the head of the cia amid a scandal, but in a new video game, he's received a promotion. in the new game called "dutiy black ops 2" he's been appointed defense secretary in the year 2025. that game will be released on tuesday. >>> one of the worst parts about flying is waiting for long lines getting through security. today bwi is announcing plans to begin tsa precheck operations. certain frequent flyers traveling with u.s. airways, delta and united will be able to get through those screenings more quickly. bwi is the 32nd airport to offer the program. it has more than 4 million people annually. >>> parking garages in annapolis will soon have rest rest rooms available to use 24/7. more details are being announced today. the mayor and a number of councilmembers and business leaders are expected to take part. we'll have that information for you at >>> it's that time of year again when the chain saw is revved up to go to work for
. the elections in the book and now we have to deal with the fiscal cliff. how it affects your bottom line. good morning, maryland. >>> thank you for joining us. before we get to the news, we want to get to the weather and see what we're in store for and what is going on in new york. >> what is going on like in new york, they are dealing with the snow and the nor east ser sliding to the north and new england. they will get and finally they will be in clear weather like we are for today. we did not get the brunt of the storm. we're looking at radar. not a lot to pick up on. heading to the south polk county and other than that, we're looking good this morning. only dealing with the cold temperatures but we're getting used to. that we have been dealing with that for several days now. 41 degrees in columbia. and gusts up to 35. a check now of the time saver traffic with lauren cook. >> bring on the sunshine. we could use it. yesterday was cold. we're dealing with a water main break. use calvert, maryland or st. paul. 83 is going to be a great alternate route for you to travel this morning. 20th stre
, reacting to the presidential election on tuesday night. take a look. >> who is the president? >> obama. >> obama! >> yes! >> his mom says she was trying to get him to go bed around midnight but he wanted to dance and celebrate the big win. she has got him back to bed around 1 and he slept through obama's victory speech. look at that. who needs it. he is dancing up a storm. >> that's a scene that's going to be doubly special around the pringle household r they dancing? >> they are. and a lot today. today is their first birthday. >> thank you to the producer who made cup cakes in their honor. they have champagne in them so they don't get them. we'll eat them here. >> to everyone who left messages on facebook thank you. i'm proud to be their mom. >> hard to believe a year ago today you did your final skype shot. you checked in throughout the course saying today would be the last. you went to the doctor for a normal check-up. >> she said the babies have to come out. and you know so big and uncomfortable. i said i could not be on tv any more. the last one they were born that day, you look g
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4